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  1. A Dying Part

    May 10, 2012 by Donna Barr

    Couldn’t change what the person did, here.

    Was going to color all those ghosts, but they look better to me this way.

    If the afterlife is really just our brain sparking off in dreams before it fades out, might as well get what we want.

  2. Hannibal: Like Robert Shaw

    August 15, 2011 by Donna Barr

    More of a comics page, than the other gag pages in this project.

    Hannibal: Like Robert Shaw

    I was nearly done coloring this when the shark idea hit me.   The beat of the Jaws theme was an obvious take on a heartbeat.  Am I going to hell now?

    Hannibal: Like Robert Shaw (color)

  3. Mourad: Hope to Sleep Through It

    August 12, 2011 by Donna Barr

    He wanted a nice, quiet death, but seemed to be thinking out loud.  Over time.  This is how gag cartoonists do time.  Or how I do it.

    Mourad: Hope to Sleep Through It

    Simple, with a bit more of the GIMP maze render function.

    Mourad: Hope to Sleep Through It (color)

  4. Alexandra: Grizzlies and Heights

    August 10, 2011 by Donna Barr

    This is just the first line-art, with the lettering cleaned up on GIMP.

    Another one that just tickled me.  I am deathly afraid of grizzlies.  Which means, as a thinking human, I don’t want them wiped out — I just stay out of woods where they have bedrooms and kitchens.  I agree with Lewis and Clark — I would soon have enough of “those gentlemen.”  Unlike the bears, who find us scrumptious, and gobble down every bit except some large parts of the pelvis and the jawbone.  Can you be imagine being the first grizzly to eat a human?

    “Dude!  You gotta try these!  They’re soft and you don’t have to cook them and they have no pointy bits and they’re sweet and greasy and — they have two pounds of brain — TWO POUNDS! I mean, SCORE!”

    Alexandra: Grizzlies and Heights

    I drew the bear too small, so there was some more GIMP jiggery-pokery.

    NOW it’s scary.

    Alexandra: Grizzlies and Heights (color)

  5. Franklin: Didn’t Do It

    August 8, 2011 by Donna Barr

    And we’re back!

    This was just fun to work.  And… this is the guy’s real name and and age and employment. I dunno, the thing just tickled me.

    GIMP’s Maze render filter came in so handy.  Yeah, I shoulda rotated it a bit, but the idea the slump was so fast even the bricks didn’t catch up was just funny to me.

    Not so funny if I had to explain?

    Franklin: Didn't Do It

    GIMP gradients and layers and stuff.

    Franklin: Didn't Do It (color)