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Last but not Least

July 8, 2012 by Donna Barr

This is the last one I did before I published the book.

No, it’s not on Kindle, yet — I’ll be putting it up at Lulu as a paper book and pdf. If it’s on Kindle, you’ll only be able to read it on a Kindle.  My pdfs are readable on any old device, and Nook.  And nicely inexpensive (don’t worry, I still get paid a percentage).  Since it’s summer, I’m wrapped up in stuff like the Clallam Bay Comicon and Photosynthesis 5.  I’ll consider processing new art come the rains.

Yes, I’m still collecting ideas, but I’ll have to have quite a few before I consider starting this experiment again.  In the meantime, enjoy.

And thank you to everyone who let me stick my fingers into your extinction.



  1. james says:

    Last Joke, Last Laugh… :0)