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Burying Stieg Larsson

June 28, 2012 by Donna Barr

Somebody else who didn’t say how he died, just what happened afterwards.

Well, could YOU have resisted this version?


  1. I’d rather not do it that way.

  2. KS Claw says:

    Ehh, might wanna have your affairs in order first. Last I heard, Stieg Larssons girlfriend had legal troubles, because he didn’t get his affairs done in time so she could have some things inherited from him, especially royalties from his books. Instead, they’re all going to his greedy dad and brother =/ So yeah.

    • Donna Barr says:

      And this book wasn’t ABOUT royalties or what happened after death. It was about how the person GOT dead. So, since they didn’t give me a how, I made a guess. Why people confuse “How I died” with “How do I want to be buried” (My elder sister did it), I’ll never know.